EXPERIENCE. You cannot buy it, but learning from others can make a difference.

Try to learn from what others do, how they run and the way prepare. Being a little nervous before a race means you care about your performance and have put a lot into training to prepare.

The race day tips below will help you have a successful race experience but remember at the end of the day all you can be asked it to TRY to do the best you can and always be up for running!


Allow plenty of time to arrive at least an hour before the start of your race. Remember you need to allow time for registration, warm up and meeting with your team members.


Make sure all your kit is ready the night before your run. Some suggestions of things to bring along include: Kit you will be wearing for the actual race - most basic standard for running attire is shorts, Club vest or t-shirt along with either trainers and spikes. Spikes are specialty shoes used only in races. They are called spikes, because the bottoms of the shoes have holes to insert metal spikes of various sizes depending on the softness of the surface you are racing. Spikes do improve performances. Never wear new spikes for the first time in a race, try them out several times beforehand. If you suffer from blisters a lot smear Vaseline over your feet before putting on socks. Blisters are caused by heat friction. Clothing for before & after the race. The Downs Course can be both cold & wet.


Walk and target the final part of the course to let you identify where to attack in the race. Warm up thoroughly with your team – stretching and running - so when the race starts you are ready in mind and body.


If you are new to racing or unsure of your fitness do not charge off with the leaders, hang back and then start working through. If you are confident over your fitness, you can get up with the leaders from the start. If you are confident over your fitness, you can get up with the leaders from the start. When tired, others will also be tired, by increasing speed for 100m you can often trick an opponent into thinking you are not tired. Many places are gained at the end of a race with a fast finish. Try to plan your race and do not let adrenaline make you race too quickly too soon.


I run in the cold…I run in the heat

I run on the trails …I run on the street

Good days and bad days…I run through Pain

Snow…Sleet.. I even run in the rain

Whether by myself or against the field

There is no option to stop or yield

You’ll understand if you are a runner too

It’s just something we runner must do

So if you aren’t a runner please understand

If you ask a runner they’ll just say

“That’s WHO I AM”

NIKE (Just Run)

ENJOY BEING A RUNNER. Race when you are fit and do enjoy the experience. No matter where you come in your race always look for the positives  and afterwards say “ I DID IT”.